Why become a partner?
Gain regional, national and international coverage through the Camp and a range of active media channels.
ProductCamp is the largest global movement of product people who are taking charge of what the product management will look like tomorrow. Active in more than 70 cities around the world, it is a one-day gathering of product leaders to share, network, learn, laugh, and discuss. Partnership with us puts your company in front of product management and marketing communities before, during, and after the event.
Attendees join to learn about innovative strategies, the latest techniques, and new tools as well as to engage with their peers and seek new opportunities. Attendees come from leading companies as well as startups, scaleups, and universities. Whether you're selling tools or services to product managers, or seeking to recruit new talent, ProductCamp is an excellent avenue to reach your target audience.
About ProductCamp
Our partners’ employees are invited to participate in the event as members of the community — rather than as representatives of their companies. Note that content selection is based on community opinion, with no preference for partners. But each partner has a guaranteed speaker from their company.
ProductCamp provides excellent visibility to organizations that target product managers, marketers, and designers. You will be demonstrating your support for the world's deepest network of product professionals. ProductCamp events include a tremendous outpouring of interest and goodwill for partners. And by keeping it lightly promotional, we avoid participants feeling like they’re being given the hard sell.