4. Prioritization skill

by: Andrew Mende, Booking.com
Prioritization and decision making
Hi! This lesson is about making decisions and prioritizing tasks. A Product Manager is expected to always know what needs to be done in order for the product to succeed, and most importantly, that he or she can clearly explain the process.

The team is waiting, management is waiting, and the users are waiting. We hope that you meet or exceed their expectations! Let's go! :)
What you will learn in the class
You will learn:
  • How to define company goals
  • How to select goals for the service
  • How to consolidate ideas for prioritization: users, team, competitors
  • Ways to evaluate features
Applicable Tools:
  • Hierarchy of metrics
  • Idea gathering tools
  • Impact mapping
  • Poker planning
  • RICE
  • Product Metric Prioritization
  • Checklist: prioritizing your list of ideas
  • Prioritizing features
  • Formulating a feature using Impact mapping
  • Predicting features' effect on metrics