ProductCamp is a worldwide movement of free, community-driven, collaborative conferences for product professionals. Originally created in Sunnyvale, California, over the last 13 years, ProductCamp has been developed into a truly global community event.

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People who manage, speak at, sponsor, attend, co-organize, partner with ProductCamp, all help each other locally and globally — in towns near you and halfway across the world. Join product leaders and get access to ProductCamps all over the world.

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Make your ProductCamp experience even better by working side by side with other campers. Organizers are needed for a wide variety of roles, and your commitment can scale to fit your availability — anywhere from a couple of hours a week up to resume-building responsibility. Whether you like being behind the scenes or out in the spotlight, there are plenty of ways you can help make ProductCamp a successful experience. Your volunteer role can be tailored to support your goals.

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