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Claus, Bosweg 19, Amsterdam
September 28 - 29
Speaker of ProductCamp EU Conf
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SPEECH: Large Language MLOps
Sanchit Juneja
Limited offer.
ProductCamp Participants
Embark on a captivating journey through the world of Large Language MLOps and its transformative influence on machine learning platforms, with a particular emphasis on the realm of generative AI. This session will unravel the strategies employed by leading companies, such as, to harness the full potential of large language models, along with the intricate integration methods they adopt with third-party language providers.

Discover the boundless possibilities offered by enterprise APIs, enabling seamless interactions with language models, and learn how to fine-tune your very own language models to fit specific business needs.

The audience for this presentation includes data science and machine learning professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts who are eager to explore the immense capabilities of large language models and understand the revolutionary implications of generative AI.

About Speaker
16+ years of professional experience across South-east Asia, the US, Africa, and Europe across organisations such as National Instruments, Rocket Internet, AppsFlyer, and Gojek. Currently Director-Product (Big Data & Machine Learning) at