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Analytics and Optimization Consultant from Valtech
Claus, Bosweg 19, Amsterdam
September 28 - 29
Speaker of ProductCamp EU Conf
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Workshop: Your step-by-step blueprint to building a strong personal brand.
Manal Assaad
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In today’s job market, standing out with your hard-earned qualifications and expertise can be daunting. The same effort you put in to manage a product to meet needs and achieve goals can be directed towards managing your own personal brand. Your personal brand is the deliberate cultivation and projection of your unique skills, qualities, and reputation to establish a distinct and memorable identity that can help you reach your professional goals. Personal branding holds a critical role, especially for mid-level to senior experts, that already have a successful career but need that extra ingredient to distinguish themselves. Beyond a shallow or ineffective online presence, personal branding captures your distinct set of skills, experiences, values, and traits, and lays them out strategically for your audience. For experienced professionals, it is about establishing a reputation as a thought leader and influencer, showcasing expertise, and consistently delivering value.

Personal branding is pivotal for several reasons that you will learn about during the upcoming presentation at ProductCamp EU by Manal Assaad, and a follow-up workshop co-hosted with her colleague Ekta Maheshwarii, where together, they will guide you through the blueprint of building a strong personal brand.

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Join us at the camp to have the chance to directly apply what you learn and meet likeminded professionals who can guide you into shaping your own personal brand.
About Speaker
Manal Assaad is a Senior Analytics and Optimization Consultant at Valtech, an international digital transformation agency. She started her career in the marketing industry 15 years ago, which skyrocketed when she launched her personal brand “The Manalyst” to share her professional knowledge and expertise.