Thanks to the amazing ProductCamp EU community and speakers, the first Barcamp-style ProductCamp EU meetup was enjoyed by over 50 people, with 2 tracks, 5 talks and 2 panel discussions.
The first Amsterdam Barcamp has concluded!
ProductCamp EU Barcamp
Special thanks to our friends at EPAM for providing a warm welcome and a great venue for the event!
This is the third offline event hosted in Amsterdam by ProductCamp EU, with more coming before the dates of ProductCamp EU! To find out how you can join, visit the ProductCamp website, or join us on LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Slack!
ProductCamp is a community-driven project, which grows and exists solely thanks to the vibrant community that shapes the events and the agenda of each and every event in any market. On Friday 29th, people from this community organized and held a meet-up of their own - see how it went here!
On this page you will find photos from the event, speaker info and presentations that were used during the event. You are welcome to participate and share your contact info with the community - just add your input as a comment and we will publish it!
Speakers & Slides
Victoria Dronova
Digital Program Manager, Ahold Delhaize/individual, Netherlands
Scaling Technology in Management: Direction to Future or Road Leading to Nowhere?
“Really happy to have been part for this event. Really close and more intimate event, we’ve had an opportunity to dive deeper into conversations and to have a real personal touch with each other. A good combination of informal talks and good atmosphere!”
Charmilla Kasper
Principal Organisational Development, Babbel, Germany
Innovation Through Inclusion
“Becoming part of the Productcamp.eu community gave me some unexpected insights about the life of contemporary Product Managers. As they navigate the constant flux of tech, they are also often the shapers and accelerators of cross-functional culture, uniting many to focus on building cool solutions for real people. Sharing some of my insights about "Inclusion as a Tool for Innovation" and hearing their challenges, from a product perspective, was a reminder that healthy cultures do not start and end with People Teams or with Leadership. It lives in our everyday interactions, coming to life when the ego takes a nap, and we recognise the power of our influence. Thanks so much for having me, that was a fun!”
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Haider ALLEG
General Partner, Allegory Capital, Switzerland
How Large Language Models and Generative AI Will Impact Companies Internally and Externally?
“The topic and the crowd showed how important it is to have such groups in various ecosystems to spark innovation and give some views into new challenges. I would be happy if this helped unlock some questions or opened vocations.”
Kshitij Garg
Chief Strategy & Product Officer, TFT Europe, Netherlands
Successful Product Strategy: What You Don't Know, But Need
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Anna Diaz
Career mentor, hr.best.consulting
Kadri Nieuwmans
Director Product Management EMEA EPAM Systems
Agile VS Product-led growth
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Photos & feedback
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
You can download the entire photo report
Please check back in a day or two for professional photos!
Photos & feedback
  • Anca Misca
    Company, Position
    “Talked to everyone and everyone was happy to share about their work and opportunities”
  • Zulfikar Parhaad
    Product Designer, Purple Digital Storytelling
    “The content is so relatable to product management people”
  • Nandi
    “We had very interesting topics and presenters, and also a great crowd!”
  • Rahul Pandey
    EPAM, Product Manager
    “Speakers from entirely different domains - from product to HR, AI and mental health. Great!”
  • Dmitry Maximov
    Senior Product Manager, StackState
    “Pretty cool event, both in terms of the content and the ability to just chat with cool people”
  • Mr. No Badge
    “Good variety of speakers and different experiences”
Community-led ProductCamp Meetup on September 29th
Take a look at how people from the ProductCamp community went on to pass their Friday the day after the Barcamp meet-up - entirely community-driven and self-organized at a venue in Atlassian’s Amsterdam space!